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Sep 7, 2023

Reasons Why My Dog Doesn't Wear Bandanas

Hear me out. Chances are really good that you grew up with your dog going to the groomer and coming home with little ...

Jul 15, 2020

With a Dog Podcast | Ft. Pacific Hound

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of sitting down with the "With a Dog" podcast hosts and hashing out the Pacific Hound story. We get into how we started, why we re-branded and where we're headed. If you've ever wondered how we got where we are or are maybe wanting to start a small business yourself, this episode is for you! 

May 30, 2020

Henline Mountain - a bumpy road to a beautiful destination!

Come along as we explore Henline Mountain in the beautiful Oregon Valley. We break down our favorite gear and best practices when hiking with three dogs.

May 30, 2020

Fostering a Dog - how to get started and succeed!

We sat down with Jessica from @carmen.carmen.carmen.chameleon to talk about what it's like to foster dogs and how to be a successful foster parent. Over the years she has fostered both adult dogs and puppies and has a 100% success rate ... and no, she didn't keep any of them. If you're wondering how she did it, this blog is for you! 

May 14, 2020

Collaboration with Eola Hills Wine Cellar

We sat down with the tasting room manager at Eola Hills Wine Cellar to talk about their new wiking trails, dog friendly tasting rooms, and collaboration with none other than Pacific Hound!

Apr 22, 2020

Earthday - Get to Know Ash, Ember and Stephanie

During our chat, she shares how to become a Wild Keeper, tools she uses to leave a smaller trace and her favorite Pacific Hound products.

Mar 18, 2020

What's in Our Dog Emergency Kit?

Are you prepared for an emergency? Do you have the tools you need for your pets to be evacuated at a moment's notice? What if you're stuck in your house for several weeks at a time? These are all questions we never truly want to find out the answers to, but it's always better to be safe than sorry! Here's a list of items we recommend keeping in a box for your dog(s) should such an emergency happen: 

Mar 17, 2020

Stuck inside? Five Fun Ways to Entertain Your Dog

It's been one day and let me guess, your dog is already driving you mad. You've taken them on a walk, to the park, on a car ride...but they're relentless! We've teamed up with a few of our favorite trainers to give you helpful ways to entertain your dogs. 

Jan 20, 2020

Training Tip Thursday - Leave It

Teach your pup the basics of the "leave it" command.

Aug 16, 2017

Lady A's First Overnight Backpacking Trip

My First Overnight Backpacking Trip Adventure told by: @lady_adelaide For weeks mama had been talking about this grea...

Jun 13, 2017

How to Choose a Dog Food

Author: Jessica Holland (@atlas_the_ridgeback)   How to Choose a Dog Food Have you been considering switching up Fi...

Jun 7, 2017

Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats

Well hello and welcome to the Lots of Spots Blog! It only seems fitting that the first blog post would be about food....
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