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What's in Our Dog Emergency Kit?

What's in Our Dog Emergency Kit?

Are you prepared for an emergency? Do you have the tools you need for your pets to be evacuated at a moment's notice? What if you're stuck in your house for several weeks at a time?
These are all questions we never truly want to find out the answers to, but it's always better to be safe than sorry! Here's a list of items we recommend keeping in a box for your dog(s) should such an emergency happen: 


This is the number one, essential item you need to make sure you have enough of. We like to prepare for at least a month in advance which means you should have enough food for each of your animals to survive a month...without going to the store. 

Collar with Identification 

Should you ever separate from your pet, a proper collar and identification will help someone reunite your dog to their owner. We personally like to keep a Journey or Glow Series Collar in our box because of their durability and safety. The Glow Series Collar is reflective and will allow others to see your dog in the dark making them easier to spot in case they make it to a busy road. 


You should keep one leash for every dog that you own in your box. We recommend keeping a Journey Lead because of their durability. Here's the thing, you really don't know how long you're going to be quarantined or evacuated for, so you want to make sure you have products that will last the lifetime of your emergency. Journey Leads are waterproof, mold proof, and withstand the elements beautifully!

First Aid Kit

You can actually buy super great dog-friendly first aid kits off Amazon that are compact and have most everything you will need for an emergency injury/infection. We also recommend including any medications your pet will need!

Water Bowl

This may seem a little bit silly, but having a place for your dogs to drink water from is imperative. We love keeping a Kurgo collapsible bowl in our box because it's easy to take on the go and doesn't take up a ton of room. 

Waste Bags

It's inevitable. Your dog is going to need to use the bathroom and you have a responsibility to clean up after them. We love these bags from Earth Rated because they're environmentally friendly and don't feel flimsy!


Just like people, your dogs are eventually going to get bored of sitting around all day. We love to keep a few of their favorite toys and chews in the box just in case we can't get them the physical exercise they need. Our go-tos chews are Yak Chews and Bully Sticks while toys are definitely up to the discretion of your dog.

Nail Clippers/Dremmel

Yup, we said it. We are recommending you add the dreaded nail clippers to your box so that you can prevent your dog from getting injured. Nails grow fast and if for some reason your dog were to break one, they're going to be in a lot of pain. We can prevent that with this simple tool!
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