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Stuck inside? Five Fun Ways to Entertain Your Dog

Stuck inside? Five Fun Ways to Entertain Your Dog

It's been one day and let me guess, your dog is already driving you mad. You've taken them on a walk, to the park, on a car ride...but they're relentless! We've teamed up with one of our favorite trainers to give you helpful ways to entertain your dogs. 

Freeze Kongs

This is one of the easiest ways you can keep your dog busy and wear them out. Find a toy with a hollow middle - we like to use Kongs or empty marrow bones. Fill the toy with peanut butter, wet food or small treats. Put in the freezer for a few hours and BOOM, you're ready to keep fido busy!

Photo Credit: @successjustclicks

Play the Shell Game

Take three cups and place them upside down. Put a treat under one of them and move the cups around so your dog no longer knows which treat the cup is under. Ask them to find it! Make this game harder by adding more cups or hiding them around the room.

Photo Credit: @layla.thegoodgirl

Scavenger Hunt

This is our go-to game at our house. With three dogs, it can be nearly impossible to tire them out all at once...unless we do a scavenger hunt! I typically ask the dogs to wait outside of a room while I hide treats. Our favorites are Zukes or American Journey. To start, you should make the hiding places a bit more obvious until your dog has the hang of this. After a round or two, hide the treats in more obscure places so your pup really has to use their nose to find them! Encourage and praise your pups as they find the treats. 

Teach a New Trick

Nothing tires a dog out quite like learning. On our down time, we love working on basic obedience or even learning new tricks. This could be something as simple as teaching a down-stay, place, shake or more complex tricks like park or back up. Check out our blog posts for a few ideas on tricks to teach!

Photo Credit: @myadventuretails

Puzzle Toys

With two pointers and a dalmatian in the house, we've become the QUEENS of Puzzle Toys. If it's on the market, we've probably tried it. Click HERE to check out a few of our favorites!

Confidence Builders - from @rockemdogtraining

Chelsea, the owner of Rockem Dog Training, has 10 years of dog training experience in both the entertainment industry and with Canines Companions for Independence. She has offered up these tools to help your pup gain confidence while embracing the indoors!

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  • Thank you Rockem Dog Training for these great ideas!


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