Our Story


Hey there! I'm Alysson, the owner, designer, creator, photographer, and master shipper of everything Pacific Hound! PH is what I like to call a perfect accident as my life plan looked absolutely nothing like it does now several years ago. I'm sure you can relate! In January of 2014, I began selling what is now our bandeau scarves to friends and family, slowly adding new products as PH gained traction, until my hobby grew into a full time business. Since founding Pacific Hound, I have met some of the most incredible people, thanks to their dogs, and have had the opportunity to save countless shelter animals through auctions, fairs, and giveaways. I'm forever grateful for this journey.

When I'm not fulfilling orders, you can catch me out on trails hiking, running marathons, or simply enjoying everything the PNW has to offer with my dogs @spot.and.emma.

Don't be shy! I'd love it if you said hello or maybe we could collaborate on a new idea? Either way, contact me at info@pacific-hound.com

Alysson Kuhns
Owner - Pacific Hound