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Lady A's First Overnight Backpacking Trip

Lady A's First Overnight Backpacking Trip

My First Overnight Backpacking Trip
Adventure told by: @lady_adelaide
For weeks mama had been talking about this great adventure we would go on. I didn't quite understand since we go on adventures all the time, but she kept buying all sorts of weird gear and making me test it out on our hikes. Finally, it was here! Mama filled our packs with food and water, sleeping bags, warm clothes, my hiking shoes, my first aid kit, and lots of treats. Grandpa showed up with my uncle and cousin and we all piled into a van (daddy too) for the drive out the trailhead. After a very long nap, we finally arrived. It was already the best day ever when we got out of the car. Everything smelled amazing! Even better than the levee at home. It was so hard for me to stand still for mama to get my pack and boots on, but finally it was time to hike!
Mama making sure my pack is safe and secure!
Adventure dog on duty!

We hiked and hiked. Up, up, up. We saw creeks, waterfalls, a few people, one snake, and so many chipmunks! I don't like when people are ahead of me, and they are so slow anyways, so mama let me lead the way most of the time. I did great except for a few chipmunks that lured me off the trail just a tiny bit. I got to carry my pack which always makes me feel important and lets everyone on the trail know that I have a super important job to do. One girl squealed because she thought I was so cute in my boots. I don't know what the big deal is (they are functional, not fashionable), but she thought it was "the cutest thing ever." I am pretty darn cute.

Inside my pack, I carried 1.5L of water, my food for the day, my own camping bowl, my first aid kit (safety first), my sleeping pad, my sunscreen, poop bags, and some trail snacks. Underneath my pack is a special cooling panel that mama got wet in a stream before we started. She also tied a wet bandana around my neck to help keep me cooler. My boots were awesome for the rocky trails, except they got wet in the streams. Mama says next time she will have to carry me over the streams if we are going a long way. I'm not a real fan of that because water is fun; but wet socks are not fun.

After a while, we made it to the lake where we set up camp. Once we got camp set up, we relaxed a bit and had dinner. I got to share a tent with mama and daddy and even got to sleep in mama's sleeping bag, even though I brought my own bed. It's a good thing because I woke up in the middle of the night and didn't know where I was. I stood straight up and woke up daddy. Oops! Good thing mama was there so I knew it was okay. We woke up the next day and we were still in the wild.

Making sure breakfast is made to Chef Adelaide's standards.

I helped oversee the breakfast preparations and then we got ready to go out hiking again. We didn't have to carry all our gear this time so I didn't take my pack and I let mama carry my water. It was another great day, but I was so tired when we got back to camp. Thankfully, we didn't have to do anything but relax. I loved spending the entire day with mama. I followed here everywhere, just like at home, but this was much better.

Relaxing with my favorite person.

The only thing that wasn't great was cutting my foot on a rock in the lake. Mama tried to warn me that the rocks were sharp and I wasn't wearing my boots, but I went that way anyways (if mama goes in the water, I must go in the water). I had to wear a bandage around camp to keep dirt out and 2 of my feet go a bit swollen. Mama was worried about me, but I'm all good now. Just needed some rest and time to heal.

The next day, we packed up our camp and headed back down the mountain. Mama carried my pack for me since my feet were hurting and she was worried about the extra weight. It was a lot quicker going down, but I was still much faster (even with a hurt foot). When we got back to the car, I climbed into mama's lap and had a great nap on the way home. It was the best day(s) ever!

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  • It sounds like you had so much fun! Maybe I’ll be able to go on a trip like this with my family one day. I’ll be sure to reference this blog before I go, so I know what to pack!


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