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Collaboration with Eola Hills Wine Cellar

Collaboration with Eola Hills Wine Cellar

Tell us a little bit about yourself (profession, dogs, where you live):
My name is Katie Bass! I’m from Bend, Oregon but found my way to the valley via Oregon State. Currently rocking that small town life in Independence, Oregon as it/s right by the winery, an hour from the city but easy access to the outdoors and happens to have my favorite little wine bar! I’m the Tasting Room & Club Manager at Eola Hills Wine Cellars and my first order of business when I joined the team was to make sure our fur guests felt as welcome as the human ones! We like to say we’re the people’s winery and we know the people of Oregon love their pups just as much as they love their fine wine & the outdoors!  
Could you tell us a little bit about Eola Hills Winery? (services, events, wine)
You name it and we most likely host it! Starting from our two tasting rooms, our Rickreal location offers the more rustic vibes allowing you to explore our production facility and learn how the wine is made, while a day out at our Legacy Estate will let you play in the vines and learn about the vineyard while seeing them too! We are an extremely active winery, hosting anything from fun-runs, bike rides, yoga, barre3, THRIVE, concerts, wine-maker dinners, wiking and all sorts of different tasting experiences! Oh and we also host weddings and other fun private events like bridal showers, engagement parties, etc! Never a dull moment around our winery! 
Now for the question we’re all dying to know the answer to...can I bring my dog?
YES!!!!! Both of our tasting rooms are dog friendly! 
If someone wants to hike the trails around Eola with their dog(s), how could they sign up?
Head on over to our website to sign up! Or if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out via email too- always happy to help! or 
Last, but not least, if someone is from out of town but really wants to try Eola Hills Wine, how could they find you?
If you’re not local, first we invite you to come visit anytime! Oregon is a great place to explore and offers a little bit of everything. If a local visit is tricky, you can find our wines on our website and we ship to most states. You can also look on our site to see which states you might find our wine in a store near you! If you’re curious about a certain location, just send us a note and we can help you find the flavors of Oregon near you. 

The Fun Stuff: 
We know you don’t have a dog at the moment, but word is out that you’re looking! What kind of dog are you interested in and why?
Guilty! I’ve been crazy lucky and been able to house sit for just about every breed of dog, so I love all the fur-monsters! But I’ve always wanted a golden and to name her Georgia! Georgie for short but as I type that, I realize it’s really not that much shorter.... I love their endless energy, desire to always put a smile on your face and gentle nature! Plus I think a golden would make for the perfect winery dog.
We all know dogs and wine are the perfect pair, but if you could pair your favorite dog breed with a bottle of wine, what would it be?
The Golden Retriever would most definitely be our Sparking Müller Thurgau! Which is champagne but we live here in Oregon and legally can’t call it that, so we use the word sparkling instead. Golden in color, bubbly and makes everyone's day a little brighter. So I’d say they would be the perfect pair! 
If you could live off of one bottle of wine for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
Chardonnay. It is my go-to wine varietal no matter what the occasion! On the patio on a sunny day, at thanksgiving with loved ones or even at the movies with popcorn! Chardonnay for the win, as I like to say!
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