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Hey friends - I'm so glad you're here! Since starting Pacific Hound back in 2018, we have kept a pretty close-knit team of ambassadors. As a company, we have always appreciated the value our team members bring and this time around, we're looking to expand. Our goal is to bring in fresh media/photography, ideas and feedback while also creating meaningful friends and partnerships. While we are based in the PNW, we are welcoming of anyone who feels like they could make an impact within our company. Still interested? Please take the time to look over the available options below and fill out the corresponding questionnaire.

How can I be part of the Pacific Hound Pack?

--> Pack Member | This is a long-standing partnership that we will build over time. As a Pack Member, you will receive behind the scenes access to upcoming products, be able to offer input on designs and launches, and receive a personal discount code for both you and your community. To become a Pack Member, we encourage engagement with us and loyalty to our brand.

--> Media Collaborator | This could be a short or long-term partnership depending on the needs of the company and if your vision aligns with ours. As a Media Collaborator, you would be responsible for providing product photos and/or videography/reels. We ask that you please provide your media kit and rates if they apply.

--> Designer | We are always looking for fresh ideas when it comes to designing our apparel, webbing, and accessories. If you have design experience and are willing to work on the back end of projects with us, we'd LOVE to collaborate and bring our vision to life. As a designer, your work will be printed on various mediums and we will provide you photos to add to your portfolio. Please provide your media kit and rates if they apply.



Jillian with Ellie and Lacy | @two_wigglebutts
Kylee with Rae and Remi | @adventureonpoint
Rachael with Willow | @adventures.with.willow
Megan with Apollo | @golden.apollo.rocket
Gabrielle with Kona and Kali | @themuttleycreww
Courtanie with KC and Hazel | @themidwesthounds
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