Why we feed REAL.

I'll be the first to admit that dog food seems super complicated. Dog treats, even moreso. There's so many options and even more opinions that often times you're left spinning in circles.

Is kibble better than raw?

Is kibble all bad?

Can my dog even eat raw?

What about treats - how many ingredients is appropriate?

If you've ever asked yourself these questions, you're in the right place. Our family does not feed raw. Ultimately it came down to a lack of freezer space, time, and ease. It's simply not a good fit for our family and THAT'S OKAY. Raw isn't for everyone. 

Our pack has always been on kibble. We've done our research and have picked a brand that works really well for us. I won't send you down the rabbit hole of our reasoning but I do want to encourage you to do your own research and go with your gut. 

When it comes to treats, we're pretty darn picky. There's a few things we look for:

1. Single ingredient 

2. Whole protein

3. Smell factor 

4. Source

Since we do feed kibble, we like to supplement with raw proteins due to their added health benefits. The biggest for us? Raw treats are natural teeth cleaners. If your dog hates getting their teeth brushed as much as mine do, these treats are the perfect way to avoid it. Granted, we don't recommend ignoring the toothbrush completely but you might be able to go a little longer without it.

We started feeding REAL Dog Box several years ago. The dogs love the variety and I'll be honest, we get a good kick out of the random body parts that show up in our boxes. It's pretty amusing. We also love how high value these treats are which make them perfect for training.

The best part about this box? You can cancel whenever and you can choose what you receive. 

If your dog is allergic to chicken, no worries! Just mark it down on your subscription and chicken will be avoided.

Maybe your pup didn't like one of the chews, again no problem. Just let the Real Dog Box team know and you'll never see it again.

Every box comes with the option of the following:

1. treats

2. chews

3. super chew

We typically do a treats and chews box and occasionally add in a super chew if we're going to be heading on a road trip and need something to keep the dogs busy.

If you're interested in trying REAL Dog Box, you can click HERE to subscribe. REAL Dog Box will send you a free bag of treats on us. I'm so confident you'll love this box as much as we do!

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