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PH grows by four feet - Nursery Reveal

PH grows by four feet - Nursery Reveal

Wow, what a year it has been! I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels like the last 365 days have been a complete whirlwind of rollercoaster emotions...but thankfully we're entering the season of more highs than lows. 
As many of you know, the Pacific Hound pack is growing by four feet (not to be confused with paws)! Spot says we're not allowed to bring in any more dogs but a baby or two is a whole different conversation. Sharing this journey with our ever-growing social media community has been nothing short of a blessing and we're beyond grateful for the never-ending support so many of you have sent our way. These babies have no idea how lucky they are!
Over the last four years I've dreamed about what our nursery would look like. I imagined the décor and the clothes and all the little odds and ends that make a nursery perfect. In typical fashion, it took me most of my pregnancy to come up with a final game plan and my goodness am I excited to share it with you! So let's dive on in...
You guessed it! That's me and all 32 weeks of my beach ball...oh and the cutest spotted nuggets. Emma especially loves lounging in the nursery but I'm sure that is bound to change once the babies are here! Spot on the other hand wants to be with me at all times - the closer the better. It's a good thing I said goodbye to personal space a long time ago ;-). 
This little area became my favorite wall in the house almost over night. Anyone else feel like choosing a paint color is literally the hardest thing ever? Good, glad I'm not alone. We went with "Deepest Evergreen" by Easy Care and it is quite honestly the color of my dreams. From there we chose to accent with lighter furniture pieces and neutral tones. 
In an effort to keep things modern, we stuck with Babyletto cribs and again, neutral colored sheets to keep the focus on the wall. Have I mentioned I love the green wall?
I decided to put my design skills to use with the small art piece above the cribs. Our lives have been centered around being outdoors and taking on one adventure at a time and it only felt right to carry that theme into the nursery. I used Canva to design the piece and Canvas Discount to print. All in all, I'm super happy with how it turned out! 
Next, the focal piece of the room. We've been asked 100 times over where we got this and I'm sad or maybe happy to say that this piece is a Kylie (my wife) original. She built this mountain piece about four years ago on a whim when we first started talking about having children. I'm sure you could imagine how excited I was to finally hang it up after all these years!
The little trinkets inside of the mountain include a plant from Ikea that most likely won't survive the next year, a tribal bear my mother in law picked up for us years ago during her work with the tribal communities in Arizona, and last but not least...the first ultrasound photo we have of our twinnies!
 As we circle around the room, you'll find a bunch of items we actually repurposed. Both the recliner and light were staples in my office but after some serious debate, we decided the oversized design would be the perfect addition to a twin nursery. The light is primarily decorative but who knows, maybe it'll get switched on a time or two in this room! Much like the recliner and light, the end-table was also an purchase - the only thing we did was switch out the knob to match our dresser (we also changed the knobs there). Lastly, the basket was gifted to us at our baby shower and just so happened to be the perfect size for under the table!
Alright, now onto the one corner of the room I was afraid would never get finished. I'm not sure how many of you have tried to purchase furniture during a pandemic but it is apparently in high demand and had become quite the task of hunting down! I had my mind made up on this Ikea Hemnes Dresser from day one and thankfully my persistence paid off! Kylie so graciously spent over four hours building it while I napped in the recliner. Perks of pregnancy I supposed! Again, we switched out the knobs to fit our neutral theme and added little dividers to help organize all things baby.
We were able to find a couple of nice accent pieces at Home Goods (I love a good bargain!) which included the wooden mirror and the gold dream catcher. The basket which is currently holding what will most likely be a days worth of diapers can be found at Target. Thanks to our generous family, we were able to use our giftcards to purchase some of the organizational pieces in the room!
Last but absolutely not least, is our hamper. Our nursery is on the second floor and both the laundry room and our bedroom are on the first. Obviously far from an ideal situation so we wanted something small and easy to carry up and down the stairs. Thankfully Amazon came in clutch and we were able to complete the room! 
While I know this blog is far from the dog-related text you might expect from us, it is still a part of who we are as a company and we hope you love coming along for the ride just as much as we love sharing it! This journey is not possible without the support of our friends, family and yes...customers who have turned into a second family. We're beyond grateful to be able to share the next chapter of our lives with you especially as we all learn how to navigate running a business with four more feet running around!
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  • Just so lovely and a reflection of your personalities! Two lucky little babes get to live there!

    Laura pitts

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